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Radiohead 'King of Limbs'
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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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is good but not great

after many many listens now and *ahem* differentiated orientation...i think i got a grasp on it.

i don't think it's one of the better Radiohead albums unfortunately. Not near In Rainbows anyway. Below average for Radiohead, but still good in the larger scheme. Even Radiohead NOT on top of their game is still rewarding listening. i am comforted in the fact that they did try something new again. They didn't rest. They didn't go backwards. No new barriers smashed either, but it's still not exactly like any of their other albums. Similar to Amnesiac in my opinion, but not exactly. It's a little brief and leaves me wishing for more, which is probably what they intended. i was thinking that if i had to make a mix cd of my favorite all-time Radiohead songs, i don't know if any of these songs would make the cut. Maybe Codex. That said, i still like the album a lot. Radiohead just sets the bar so high for me. i'm hoping they do release some more stuff from this session.

Feb 20, 2011, 21:10


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