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Radiohead 'King of Limbs'
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Re: track listing & single

Archigram wrote:
Mars Rover wrote:
Booklover wrote:
listened to the whole thing all day. Wasnt really impressed, I lost interest for them after Hail to the Thief, which I still consider their last good afford

How one could like HTTT over In Rainbows...i'll never know :)

None of the albums have interested me much since the double whammy of Kid A/Amnesiac (Kid A is still THE shit!!). I was so into those and the thought that they couldn't possibly do anything as good after. I like the recent things I've heard over the years but I'm not captivated anymore.

Most of the albums register equal, but the standouts for me are, in order, Ok Computer, Kid A, Rainbows and then this King of Limbs coming in 4th(the newness factor may part of this).

Feb 26, 2011, 05:32


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