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Mu Mu
Mu Mu
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78 sluss wrote:
gee,thats good art.
no really.

Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn't, really, who's has the authority to say? One way, perhaps not the best, to approach art is to read what the so-called "experts" have to say about an individual and their body of work. In this case, this very post was critiqued in the online publication, "Art In America," whose author, Gale Eckhart, commented, and I quote...

"Mu's recent post on the Stereolab forum, in the context of his deconstructive approach to painting, makes it tempting to read the work as a metaphor for painting itself and the ridiculousness of the idea that a canvas could be a vessel for profound ontological revelations."

she went on...

"...the post is a standout example of how Mu is pushing the planar into more dynamic and utterly engrossing forms. In contrast to the analytical detachment often present in his earlier workwhich sometimes makes me feel as if I am listening in on a conversation about art rather than participating in itthese suspended, reflective and semi-transparent surfaces directly engage the vision and bodies of viewers. The work invokes the presence of something sacred or transcendent, an appealing move to viewers like myself, who believe in arts transformative power."

As I stated, who's the final judge in these matters? Me? You? Professional critics?

Mar 29, 2011, 13:26