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Re: More CREATIVITY board.

cyberpainter wrote:
MY RETURN wrote:
People bitch about posts, trolls etc. Yet, I haven't seen a lot of input lately either...There's only so many times you can talk about obsecure bands. Sorry.

The last 4 pages are about music. Within that it's about banning. Really? Is that all that's going on out there?? lol

Stereolab's diverse. It's been said before that the forum needs to be too. For the people who disagree or think they're highbrow: You're exactly proving my point.

I bumped all sorts of interesting threads the other day above the disturbed ones. It took lots of time, but got that crap off the front page. Hopefully I brought back a few interesting things.

We can post about anything of course, but um, to complain about music posts is ridiculous. This is a band's board.

And despite cheeso being disgustingly abusive, you were banned bote long ago. I think it's a little odd of you to criticize anyone else, or this board for posting about music. And if people get irritated by a few random mentally disturbed people here and there, well, it's all part of the diversity of life. I do agree with you there.

I didn't criticize the board for posting about music. lol The name's MY RETURN. People leaving for ridiculous or unjust reasons don't matter either.

The point was to address those who complain. Everything some of us do isn't pulitzer. But, you can't deny the effort to contribute. Plenty of times I reply to the underrated threads to give everything a chance.

Apr 01, 2011, 20:56


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