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Re: More CREATIVITY board.

nsc283b wrote:
What is the point of all this?

This thread has descended into a tit for tat argument with a fair amount of abuse. It wasn't that long ago that many of you were calling for a moderator, and with some of the comments here, I can see why.

We are all here mainly for one reason, because we all love Stereolab. So, why all this abuse? MY RETURN was expressing his views, as we all do. Whether we agree with those views is immaterial. What we do have to do is to respect them, as we would all wish our views to be respected. There should never be any need to revert to insults just because we don't agree with someones point of view.

It would be good if all those who have issued insults apologised, and once done, this thread was put to bed for good.

Nice idea. Well then, I apologize for labeling a certain recent obsessive poster as mentally disturbed. Perhaps he does have problems, but it wasn't right of me to use that label.

Good luck getting those 3 to apologize, they've been at it for 5 or 6 years unabated. Cheeso turns up to use abusive language to bote, js appears immediately after to abuse cheeso, then it all begins again. Perhaps they'd be happy in a room together somewhere, a happy dysfunctional family. I do know that cheeso did agree once, long ago, not to feed the trolls, and to clean up his act on here. He agreed to a specific request from pikey. If I don't push this often enough, it probably is because whenever I do, js and bote immediately claim me as being on their "side", which sends a shiver down my spine. JS acts equally abusive, and bote is just bote. Oh excuse me, my return.

We all put up with the ebbs and flows on here if we want the freedom from restrictive moderation. Sometimes it gets really bad, other times it can be quite good with lots of fun posts. We all have a myriad of personalities.

Apr 02, 2011, 01:30


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