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Re: More CREATIVITY board.

cyberpainter wrote:
Good luck getting those 3 to apologize

You can talk

cyberpainter wrote:
Cheeso turns up to use abusive language

That you condone and rely on. Anyway, you use abusive langauge yourself so I don't see where you get off talking about other people swearing.

cyberpainter wrote:


cyberpainter wrote:
immediately claim me as being on their "side"

Oh lordy me. Woe is you. Why I never. To think of it. Claiming you? How dare they? Surely they should know better than to be so presumptuous as to claim a person of your station and character. Why, you're friends with none other than Martin Pike...

Let's be frank. It is quite obvious who you side with and who is on your side

cyberpainter wrote:
We all put up with the ebbs and flows on here if we want the freedom from restrictive moderation.

This is ridiculous. To equate all moderation with restrictive moderation. I have read some of your insights lately into the obvious problem of this forum being swamped by inane ramblings and find your "Growing Pains" style advice a bit painful. It is clearly not difficult to delete posts. I know your regular dinner companion, Pikey is too busy but it would take me all of ten minutes to delete the sludge from the last couple of weeks. As I said before, GaryB 1 and 2 for moderator of this forum.

cyberpainter wrote:
We all have a myriad of personalities.

Do we all have a myriad of personalities? All of us? Many personalities? Did you ever see that episode of the Young Ones where Rik is wearing yellow overalls and talking about how crazy everybody is, as if it is so cool?

Apr 02, 2011, 14:18


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