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Re: More CREATIVITY board.

Ok, I know I'm feeding someone who shouldn't be fed, but I think you'd also be one to have posts deleted. No? Would that be absurd? Have you written nasty things, or even created whole threads aimed at being rude to one person? Why yes, yes you have. Hmm, I guess I'd be requesting some posts to be deleted. Um, moderator sir/ma'am, could you get rid of such and such a post by a person who was obnoxious and rude to me? Oh well, maybe it would end up being a more complex job than one might think.

cyberpainter wrote:
Good luck getting those 3 to apologize

hito wrote:
You can talk

Really, you still insist I should apologize for have subtlety in my opinion about moderation on two different boards, different sets of circumstances, and after your rudeness to me? Right.

cyberpainter wrote:
Cheeso turns up to use abusive language

hito wrote:
That you condone and rely on. Anyway, you use abusive langauge yourself so I don't see where you get off talking about other people swearing.

I never have or will condone or rely on cheeso's rudeness. If I choose not to respond to it sometimes, it's no different than anyone else choosing not to. That includes everyone on this board at one time or another. And no, I don't use abusive language as a rule. Although I'm sure you could dredge something up from the past if you decided to obsessively do a hunt. And as for where I get off doing this or that, you are apparently the expert on my behavior. But don't be so sure everyone agrees with you.

cyberpainter wrote:

hito wrote:

cyberpainter wrote:
immediately claim me as being on their "side"

hito wrote:
Oh lordy me. Woe is you. Why I never. To think of it. Claiming you? How dare they? Surely they should know better than to be so presumptuous as to claim a person of your station and character. Why, you're friends with none other than Martin Pike...

Let's be frank. It is quite obvious who you side with and who is on your side

You can try to be "frank", but your opinions are far off the mark as usual. As is your inexplicable disdain and sarcasm towards me. I never once said I was personal friends with Martin. I have discussed the board with him, and have had various communications with him over the years, which is all I have claimed in the past. We all have talked with Martin if we've been fans long enough, he's a very friendly guy and I like him a lot. He's also the only person moderating this board, and I feel I know what his view on that is, to be mostly hands off.

As far as your other typically nasty comments, I like most of the people on here, respect them, and consider them my friends, and I think they feel the same, that is all. However I don't see things in terms of "sides". Some people see things with a bit more subtlety.

cyberpainter wrote:
We all put up with the ebbs and flows on here if we want the freedom from restrictive moderation.

hito wrote:
This is ridiculous. To equate all moderation with restrictive moderation. I have read some of your insights lately into the obvious problem of this forum being swamped by inane ramblings and find your "Growing Pains" style advice a bit painful. It is clearly not difficult to delete posts. I know your regular dinner companion, Pikey is too busy but it would take me all of ten minutes to delete the sludge from the last couple of weeks. As I said before, GaryB 1 and 2 for moderator of this forum.

And of course your view of what should be deleted would have some weight? Your opinion, or a moderators opinion of "sludge"? When stuff moves off the front page, it's generally "gone" unless you or someone else with an ax to grind dredges it up. How far into the past would the reach go? Yes, some of the stuff recently has been annoying and hard to look past. But the same thing could be said for other types of personalities on here, who feel they have great posts.

How would you feel if a moderator deleted some of your obnoxiousness toward me?

cyberpainter wrote:
We all have a myriad of personalities.

hito wrote:
Do we all have a myriad of personalities? All of us? Many personalities? Did you ever see that episode of the Young Ones where Rik is wearing yellow overalls and talking about how crazy everybody is, as if it is so cool?

Obviously I meant there are different types of people on this board, just as there is in life. Some things, such as the types of things you write, we just have to put up with apparently.

Apr 02, 2011, 18:41


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