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Re: More CREATIVITY board.

cyberpainter wrote:
Ok, I know I'm feeding someone who shouldn't be fed...

These are all reasonable, logical and fair things to say in my humble opinion Cyberpainter, especially in the light of the terrible accusations that were levelled at you by the person in question. The solution as always is just ignore the trolls - if you feed them, they get stronger.

But this is a waste of time and energy isn't it?. Nothing is going to stop the trolling - it never has. The way this board has always worked is that it is unmoderated except for when it gets really bad and then Martin has to decide as he has in the past whether it is good for the Groop to continue with it or get rid of it. For example, when a member (and I think we all know who it was) posted the horrific and now infamous image of the 'Scat Jesus' (although actually something Gilbert and George would have been proud of I'm sure), it obviously had to go - and quick.

Perhaps we should picture the future of a fully moderated board and imagine what it would be like based on the comments from exponents of moderation so far:

Only about Stereolab and closely related music and influences.

No swearing or bad language of any kind.

Only perfect spelling and grammar allowed and only in the ENGLISH language.

No posting of inane or irrelevant video sources

no 'insane' stream of consciousness rantings - no matter how poetic.

...and so on ad infinitum.

Would this be a forum we would all still visit and post regularly to? I think for some people yes, for some definitely no.

OK - I'm going to stick my neck out here a bit and give an example - at the moment, 75% of the stuff on the forum is absolute and total bullshit. Some of it is not even intelligible and the rest is way off topic or the kind of thing that makes new visitors to this forum think - What? wtf is this all about?

Now, 70% of that 75% (all percentages estimated to make a point) is posted by the following:



Eddie Chargeman,

Victim of Band

..and probably a few new ones which seem to be appearing every week.

The thing is, as most of the old stalwarts know full well, these are are THE SAME PERSON - namely s_lush_s. She happens to be one of the true fans on this board, has been posting here for years and has even on one occasion travelled from the US to see them in Brighton UK with no ticket!. She obviously has some serious psychological issues to deal with (has said so herself) and I think this is the cause of her sometimes unbearably sad posts.

So what do we do - as GaryB suggests, ban her and support the likes of members who reply to her tragic manic rantings with 'seriously - stfu'?. That to me is incompatible with the political and social stance of Stereolab as a groop, which has always been amongst other things, anti-homophobic, inclusive, non racist or sexist, non violent - and HALF French!. LIBERTE EGALITE SOEU/FRATERNITE. Why there is so much chauvinism about posting in English (and perfect English at that) I will never understand.

For me - this forum still gives me great things every day and I will try to give something good back whenever I can. But I just ignore the bad stuff now, I just find it tiresome and depressing. I would almost certainly still visit a moderated version if it was interesting enough - but I think the human dynamics between the various characters on here make it unique at the moment. It is a beacon of free speech in the 'Golden Age' of a free internet.

I am sure it is under scrutiny from media watchers, writers and other artists alike for that reason. I for one would think it sad to lose that for the sake of some corporate 'STASI' style party line over what can and cannot be written - and I am sure there is no danger of that - if you need any confirmation just listen to the lyrics.

Apr 02, 2011, 19:57


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