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Re: More CREATIVITY board.

MY RETURN wrote:

My posts haven't changed. My politics have. I remember Bush threads got heated. Some people didn't like Sound-Dust at first.

I'm vocal. I rarely back down. So I can see how things steamroll.

Perhaps it's the board, ALL of us that changed. Mania dies down. Bans go more like "..asked to do this. I'm just trying whatever to calm the board" -email paraphrase. So sorry if that's someone's only argument.

I've always posted the same wherever I am. The "better" posts are the same posts just without the mania.

I'm serious one minute, out there the next. The point is is that I embrace being..whatever. Life's short. That's my original point.

The things people say to each other usually are better without mania. It can be very confusing and can ellicit a very different response than the one hoped for. But was it actually Mania/Manic Depression/Bipolar disorder back then?. If so you have my deepest sympathy and I really hope things are going better now. Maybe if this is the case it is better to let us know - I can't think of a safer and better place on the internet to let people/friends Know that one is having some kind of problem. We are all human and this community certainly includes people who have struggles with mental stability and many other issues in the past. Is there a reason your English is not so good? - it doesn't matter much to me I must say as long as I get the general drift it's usually ok. But it may help other be a little kinder if you could let us know a bit more about yourself if you could find it within your heart.

And I think some form of apology would also help some people on here get over the past and move on. There are a lot of people on here who we know a lot about and they are fantastic - painters, musicians, psychologists, historians, to name but a few... what is your career? you say you are in Communication but in what capacity - sometimes it helps to make someone human if we know a bit about them, especially their problems...

But I suppose it's understandable if you just want to carry on with this - there is nothing any of us can do about it...

Apr 02, 2011, 22:33


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