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Re: More CREATIVITY board.

Honestly, you just make it up as you go along. The last time you spoke to me you yelled "bullshit" so get over the idea that I have to dredge things up.

And please quit saying that I am rude to you. There is no evidence of any such thing. Pointing out your hypocrisy is not being rude or nasty.

The facts are:

You say the forum should not be moderated and we should all just hang loose about the crazy stylings of some members then on another occasion you implore me to leave you alone because I am tarnishing the image of Stereolab as this page is a first port of call. Either this forum is the public face of the group or it isn't. And given it is, I would say the objectivly rated garbage that has been posted over the last two weeks should be deleted.

You say people should just ignore anything that is offensive then you say Pikey (the name you drop more than gravity drops apples) should delete offensive stuff. You cannot have it both ways, different forum, different planet, whatever, the rule is the same. It is deductive logic.

Choose a position and be consistent.

As it is, in my first foray here I said that things should be moderated including the removal of my own posts. You mocked me for this position suggesting that abuse was in keeping with the nature of the forum. So get off your high horse and acknowledge that I have been consistent since the day dot with this. Of course I would have my posts deleted. Who could possibly care? If my posts that offended you were removed alongside the offensive attacks from you and your mates then sure, I would support that 100%. I dare you to acknowledge that your previous accusation now looks pretty foolish.

As for you and Rael, to simply stand idly by while someone attacks another is not innocent. Do a basic philosophy course on harming and not helping if you don't understand.

Anyway, now that I have shown your inability to deal with logic again, I am going to sign off. I really like a lot of things people like Dara said after your post so I am going to call it a day on this thread.

Check mate.

Apr 02, 2011, 23:23


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