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Re: More CREATIVITY board.

k. wrote:
Yes, especially since the person in question went WELL beyond the boundaries of what is acceptable in a forum, let alone society, going so far as to contact and besmirch other users to their employers! If that's not worth a ban, I really don't know what is.

Forgiveness, yeah sure, but he hasn't earned any trust or respect, personally speaking. Dude never owned up to what he did and backdoored his punishment.

Actually I did not remember that he did that. That is precisely why I said other members may be able to help with the facts of what he did. Slandering members to their employers frankly is UNFORGIVABLE and quite scary - even terrifying for the victim. If it was done once, then there can unfortunately be no certainty that it will not happen again - especially for the victim.

The UK government is considering strengthening the anti-stalking laws to include cyber stalking at the moment - it is a hot debate in the House of Commons this very week:

If it were to be made illegal, then there would be a legal restraint on a person using the internet - let alone a particular forum. This I think is an effective remedy to our little problem. I any case it is worth noting that what happened here is not cyber stalking, it is just good old fashioned stalking - and certainly in the UK, that has been illegal for some years - as has slander and libel. The base judgement criteria of course being that the details of the slander/libel must be based on a lie to secure conviction.

All in all a very messy business, and so far from what the raison d'Ítre of this little forum. I think if I were Laetitia and Martin and co - I would take a view on this if it doesn't stop and say 'enough is enough'. There comes a point where it is actually quite damaging to the image of the memory of what the groop have achieved over the years, especially now with the sweet and gentle music Laetitia is making. Although in s_lush_s's case, I am all but certain she would not want to persecute her because she has a psychological illness.

It's sad that one or two individuals can have such a negative effect, but that is also the effect terrorism has in the world we inhabit now. If we give in to them (or our inner terrorist) we have lost and the best we can achieve is scorched earth and unfortunately, it appears we are losing the fight. It is clear that right from the 'beginning' BOTE's aim was to bring this forum down - I think I know the reason too, but that is perhaps for a book when it is all over....

Apr 03, 2011, 08:58


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