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Re: More CREATIVITY board.

cyberpainter wrote:
I think we should step back a bit. The board is no different than it's been since it was re-established. Ups and downs, annoyances and good posts. Runs of obsessiveness, drama, lulls where nothing much has been going on. And for a few years some new people have brought some interesting music/other perspectives. As for bote, there hasn't been any signs of him threatening or stalking anyone for many years now. I'm far from defending any of his past behavior or possibly illegal acts. But I don't agree with this melodramatic talk of ending the board because of a few people. That already happened, then we were given another shot at making it work. We've existed with all the people on here for years. I'm for keeping the board as it is. That's not to say communication and reaching out, etc isn't a good thing. Some good sentiments in dara's posts.

I wholeheartedly agree CP. but I was thinking from the Groop's perspective - not ours. I think we should give reaching out to people a shot - we have nothing to lose do we?.

Incidentally, in a worst case scenario where the forum is ended by the Groop and deleted - all of our hours, days, weeks of work, creativity and friendship would be lost forever - rendering all of this an utterly pointless exercise. To avoid this may I suggest that a few of us get together as a team and archive all of the posts on this pink version of the forum for posterity. It would be a huge task and too big for one person to make it searchable as an SQL database (for eg), but I think it would be worthwhile...

Apr 03, 2011, 10:03


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