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Re: More CREATIVITY board.

Dara wrote:
Maybe if he (My Return) opened up a bit about who he is and what he feels about all this - that may help.

No way, things will get much worse. Everything he would say about himself WILL be used against him by the one real troll of this forum: Cheeso/Squirrel/Rael. This could potentially lead to an escalation of abuse similar to what caused the closing of this forum a few years ago.

Lets not forget how things really happened back then: The forum closed not because of Bote alone. Bote was the spark, but Cheeso and a few others were the fuel that burned everything down. Bote would have been harmless all by himself, but Cheeso and his pals were harassing him non-stop, which led to an escalation of abusive stuff on both sides.

Let's not forget also that in all this mayhem, I was almost the only one telling the others to please stop feeding the troll, that an obvious disaster was coming, but Cheeso and co. didn't cared, thus, the forum went down.

This explains why I am a little bit disgruntled about the bunch of hypocrites here. They fail to see the obvious:

Bote is not the problem here (not anymore anyway), Cheeso is! Open your eyes, idiots: Bote's threads get problematic only after Cheeso/Squirrel/Rael get involved.

Apr 03, 2011, 15:10


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