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your music spectrum
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Re: your music spectrum

jauntymonty wrote:
Saint Etienne is as close as I get to main stream pop. Ladytron likewise to electronic music. With hard rock and program it's is hard to find my limits. I don't like Judis Priest! My metal border is Dream Theater. It would be fun to know the outer limits of your music spectrum. Stereolab is my happy medium point.

I wonder where you have drawn the line. It seems somewhat random. What makes Judas Priest bad but Dream Theater good? Anyway, whatever floats your boat. And more importantly, good topic.

I think I have a pretty wide spectrum. I don't deliberately set any limits. If I liked a song by a mainstream pop artist then that would be okay with me. I guess I never really hear it unless I walk into a shop so I don't give it much of a chance of entering my canon.

I tend not to like grindcore stuff like Cannibal Corpse but again I don't ever want to say never. I heard a fair bit of it back in the early nineties but it just did not gel. I don't get to hear it much these days.

I would like to say my spectrum is pretty broad really because I like some rock, metal, techno, electronic, hip hop, noise, industrial, prog and the list goes on. But of course, there is a lot I don't like within those genres and somebody else probably is more extreme than me.

I would say it has been a long time since a rap album has impressed me but I just think I don't need to hear another person getting on the mic to tell me what they are going to do when they get on the mic. I also don't need to hear anybody telling me how rich they are or how great they are or what they are like in the sack. Having said that, there was some great political rap. I don't think much of that is happening now.

Apr 06, 2011, 12:15