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Re: Musical Palate

c in dc wrote:
A meal of champagne and lobster is perfect, but so is a fried oyster po' boy washed down with about a gallon of southern style sweet tea. I love some complex dishes that are very difficult to prepare, and others with only a few ingredients that you can whip up in minutes. Can't get enough of foods that are good for me (I'm gonna be round my vegetables, I'm gonna chow down my vegetables...), yet can't say no to a big ol' spool of boardwalk cotton candy. Full Dickensian Christmas spread with all of the trimmings? Hell yes! Big bowl of Cap'n Crunch and a tall glass of Tang? Why not! Whole bag of sugary sweet Jolly Ranchers before my dentist can stop me? Check. And I can even be up for a little experimentation, like chili peppers and black cherries in my dark chocolate candy bar, or sweet cinnamon in the Cincinnati chili on my chili dog. Just no fried grasshoppers or live beetles please. I can't pretend to like them.
And never, not ever, NEVER anything from a mainstream place like Outback Steak House or Olive Garden or Red Lobster. Too over-seasoned, over-cooked, one-dimensional, and made for the masses.
After all, I'm a very selective man of good taste.

Heh. Thanks. Yeah, mainstream is pretty bland rather when u need some lather. The mom & pops always have those secret recipes that makem' so special...same with music, man! The main POPulace is just listening to the lyrics like" a straight lad looking for the meaning of the songs" without being aware of the wonderful well seasoned and delicious musical posible compositions out there(here) I'm drunk good night John Boy.

Apr 07, 2011, 04:56