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What are we listening to this week?
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Re: What are we listening to this week?

I ride the train a lot - 15 hours or so in the week. I am constantly irritated by peoples' noisy sound polluting earbuds when I'm trying to get some shut-eye and a bit of peace. I am drifting away and all I hear is chikkity chik chikkity chik or snik snik snikkity snak - it is so infuriating sometimes.

But this week I gave up with the sleeping and did my own iPod in every day, Within the first hour and a half I really caught Laetitia's 'The Trip' - I have really immersed myself deeply in it since - especially the title track and especially the beautiful gliding bit at the end. Laetitia must have really loved her sister and she describes the feelings of loss beautifully - I hear a sad eyed lady as I drift serenely through the lowlands, and the chikkity chik and chisk chisk chisketty chisk melts into the million years...

Apr 15, 2011, 08:26


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