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"Gay Caveman"
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"Gay Caveman"

"We believe this is one of the earliest cases of what could be described as a 'transsexual' or 'third gender grave' in the Czech Republic," the Czech Position newspaper quoted archaeologist Katerina Semradova as saying at the press conference.

What followed were dozens of headlines from international news organizations declaring that a "gay caveman" had been found.

The man's skeleton was found placed on its left side with the head facing west -- traditionally the position in which females in the culture were buried. Around the remains were items also typically associated with female burials instead of weapons normally found in male graves from that time period. Two other conventional male and female graves were found at the same site.

But Hawks and others say the news media misinterpreted the findings.

First, cavemen lived about 30,000 to 20,000 years ago. The remains found last week were from the Neolithic Age, about 5,000 years ago, Hawks told CNN.

And while acknowledging the "unusual" circumstances of the burial, Hawks said there is no way you can tell someone is homosexual by examining a skeleton.

Instead, the possibility of a third-gender grave -- as outlined by the archaeologists -- is more plausible, he said, noting that some cultures have a third category where, in some cases, men may have feminine characteristics or roles.

I knew this story didn't sound right last week. Be honest. If you were around back then would you fit stereotypical roles? I'd be like, "You guys hunt. I'll be cool right here".

Apr 18, 2011, 23:06


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