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go stereolab
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78 sluss
78 sluss
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go stereolab

they say i'm got a social disease. i say f#8ck it.
they're not strong enough. tho i'm the pussy.
they say i cant get no shit. i just throw eggs around, and dont know anyone.
i may be an invader, but i'm a person.
inhave crap parents, and i had bad school friends.
rebel in me to take my hands away.
i dont believe my own convictions, so that makes me feeble.
america has all my eggs.
so i'm trapped in dumb land.
quaint 90's suburbia is not my natural habitat, except for on an animal level.
i was never educated, just stayed alone.
eggs is a fortune of lies and shame.

Apr 21, 2011, 03:50