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Re: Radiation.

Harold Bissonette wrote:
Scary, although I do think she's being very pessimistic and alarmist: "Don't eat European food"! - not sure what us Europeans are meant to eat. I think I'd be pretty concerned if I was in Japan at the moment, but life goes on.

I'm certainly anti-nuclear power (and nuclear arms) and always have been.

I agree that she seemed overly alarmist in saying don't eat European food. However, if you had a choice of eating produce from a country that was included in the circle of fallout from Chernobyl, and something grown elsewhere, why would you choose it? She was speaking from Canada.

You do have radiation in your food. It's probably all around us, including America. Chemicals like plastics are everywhere too and in all our bodies. It's a matter of degree and hopefully some reasonable scientific opinion as to how harmful or safe it may be. If you live in Turkey and have to eat the food there, it's just life, you don't have a choice. But it's sad that us humans are a living experiment of how much or little harm our nuclear and chemical stupidity will cause.

Apr 24, 2011, 09:31


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