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Re: Radiation.

Monbiot was a champion of the Greens' anti-nuclear campaign for ages before the faux-science often employed by the anti-nukes (the same kind of faux-science that the environmentalists themselves rightfully called out as being shamefully employed by those who would deny global warming) forced him to reevaluate his position.

As for his using a single source or not being qualified as a journalist to debate with a "scientist" (she's probably better described a medical doctor-turned-activist than a researcher, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt here), I'm afraid I don't agree. He allowed various individuals from the fields in question to answer for him when it came to the correspondence re: Caldicott's (lack of) citation for her claims--that's hardly the same thing as relying on an individual. When requested, he (and his sources) seem to be able to back up their point of view with established, peer-reviewed research. Hardly the same can be said for Caldicott--even her own book (apparently) doesn't provide citation for her claims.

Obviously the links I included only give one small snap-shot of the whole debate, but I think you'll find that Monbiot never claims to himself have the credentials--what he does do is read the full reports from the international agencies in question and call out what he believes to be misinformation on the part of Caldicott and those like her.

Apr 24, 2011, 09:57


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