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Harold Bissonette
Harold Bissonette
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Re: Radiation.

wracket wrote:
Harold Bissonette wrote:
I think the bottom line of all of this is that we as individuals and our industries need to learn to use much much less electricity.

Define "we". We, the citizens of the developed world? We, the people of Earth? Because in the developing nations the average person is using very little electricity now...and to achieve a standard of living anywhere near what anyone in the developed world would consider "normal", they would have to multiply their per capita power consumption many times over.

On a theoretical level I agree with what you are saying. But on a practical level I am afraid that it doesn't address reality. And while I'll agree that the human race shouldn't content itself with always grasping at the pragmatic solution, we surely must strive to be somewhat fair. Clearly it would be hypocritical of the developed nations to expect their developing counterparts to keep their electricity consumption at virtual stone age levels rather than continue to close the gap a bit. And accepting that, we can't rely on the "let's all use a bit less electricity" model. We simply must come up with ways to replace fossil fuels to meet the world's ever-growing power consumption needs. (While, hopefully, not abandoning the efforts to indoctrinate the world's population with ideals of power/water conservation, responsible reproduction, love thy neighborism, etc.)

By 'we' I meant the Human Race, like, but you are right that the developing world (developing into what exactly?) will of course want and indeed deserves access to more electrical gadgets. But more fossil fuels are not unfortunately the answer - they poison the planet - simple as that. Monbiot is aware of this and hence his (in my opinion dangerously misguided) attraction to nuclear power (I like the man for pretty much everything else he stands for). The solution must be to create ways in which a comfortable modern lifestyle can be achieved that does not destroy the planet. Part of this must surely be less use of dishwashers/washing machines/TVs/lighting etc. as well as a vastly turned-down consumerism.

Green energy sources will of course help - wind/water/the Sun and other sources will need to be tapped into, but at present the technology so-far developed using these sources comes nowhere near answering even our present energy needs, let alone those that will be asked of by fast-developing countries such as China and India.

Apr 24, 2011, 17:02


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