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Re: Radiation.

cyberpainter wrote:
I mean what would you do if your community was contaminated by radioactive fallout?

I'd get the fuck out of Dodge. As I would if people told me that a big ass hurricane was coming. Or that global sea levels were going to rise and inundate my beachfront property.

You're right in that the poor/immobile would be in a bad way. In some extreme cases, everyone in the area would be in a bad way. But I guess, when it comes to nuclear power plants, you have to hope that the Gen 4 reactors (FYI, Chernobyl was Gen 1 [no containment] and Fukushima is Gen 2 [hot water reactor]) are built to standards which would make such an event extremely unlikely. Maybe it would be naive to believe as much--this should all be part of the debate as to if, where and how to build nuclear power generators, of course.

Apr 24, 2011, 20:22


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