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Re: Radiation.

wracket wrote:

We should be careful not to equate Monbiot's (unless you meant the minimalist painter Mondrian! ;^P ) role in calling out Caldicott's lack of support for her arguments with his being somehow the other side of the coin. Monbiot is, as you have pointed out, not a scientist but a journalist. His source material, most of which ultimately originates from studies performed by the UN, WHO*, etc., is the other side of the coin from Caldicott. Monbiot himself is not championing nuclear power as much as performing his journalistic role of uncovering inconsistencies and distortions of how "consensus scientific opinion" is presented. (Not that I'm suggesting he is somehow a neutral observer. But his recent change of heart on nuclear power originates from his discovery of the exact faux-science he is questioning on this very topic.)

He is being used by the other side, and certainly does not appear to be a neutral observer. He, like Caldicott is a strong public voice in the debate. She's a doctor, not really a scientist, you're right, and he's a journalist. But they both are the media that we are reading and listening to.

Apr 24, 2011, 20:30


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