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Re: Radiation.

There are some interesting points (and some petty and childish attacks) in that article. Of particular interest was the link to this article which suggests that the WHO is unable to independently publish its findings on radiation:

Severely undermining the credibility of the author of your link, however, are things like this:

"New York Academy of Sciences = 985,000 deaths as a result of the radioactivity released."

As I mentioned before, this was not the NY Academy of Sciences claim (the Annals of NY Academy of Sciences was simply the physical publisher of the papers). It was not even peer-reviewed. To falsely attribute this to a reputable organization paints the author out to be guilty of the same kind of lazy and/or intentionally misleading journalism that he accuses Monbiot of employing.

Some interesting food for thought, but served with a healthy dose of sour grapes.

Apr 24, 2011, 22:04


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