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Re: Radiation.

wracket wrote:

Severely undermining the credibility of the author of your link, however, are things like this:

"New York Academy of Sciences = 985,000 deaths as a result of the radioactivity released."

As I mentioned before, this was not the NY Academy of Sciences claim (the Annals of NY Academy of Sciences was simply the physical publisher of the papers). It was not even peer-reviewed. To falsely attribute this to a reputable organization paints the author out to be guilty of the same kind of lazy and/or intentionally misleading journalism that he accuses Monbiot of employing.

Some interesting food for thought, but served with a healthy dose of sour grapes.

Actually I did not make the same interpretation. He listed lots of different sources with varying death counts, culminating with that figure at the end of the list. He did not make any statement that showed that one to be right. He showed both ends of the spectrum, starting with the absurdly low amount put out by Monbiot, ending with probably another false amount at the top. It showed the spectrum of opinion. So I think he made his point that Monbiot's statements can be looked at with equal skepticism. Here's what he wrote after the list of figures:

"There is clearly a very wide range of estimates of total mortality as a result of Chernobyl and it is impossible to ever know the true number. But one thing is clear: the true death toll resulting from Chernobyl far exceeds the handful that George Monbiot wants us to believe."

Apr 24, 2011, 23:04


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