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Re: gerbil power

Currently under development, micro-nuclear reactors are the next step in that technology. Not unlike the small nuclear reactors that have been used in nuclear submarines since the 1950s, these units will reportedly be safer and more reliable than the current behemoths being used . Roughly the size of a van these little power plants will each provide power for a city block(s) or a sub-division. Fuel rods, which can overheat and require extensive and constant cooling, are not used. The power creating process relies on reactions between the isotopes within the unit. The micro-reactors are factory sealed and will only require maintenance once every 10 years. I’m not trying to sell this! Just read about it. I would prefer a total reliance on solar, wind and water, but I’ve got a feeling that the micro-nukes are going to proliferate. Funny replies are welcome as always. The tremendous and destructive power of the oceans should be further harnessed to produce electricity with giant underwater turbines. Improvements are being made on the power generating capacity of photovoltaic cells, but as of now too much surface area of solar arrays is needed to efficiently power significant corresponding areas of grid. Solar is good for residential now, but to commercially viable the solar cells need provide more capacity. The concept of producing electricity is so simple. All you need is something to rotate. That could be anything from a gerbil in a cage, a turntable playing your favorite song to giant windmills and underwater turbines. Future conversation: “Yes, sir we have a gigawatt of gerbil power. Yes, sir we have them working in shifts.” “Alright, but keep it to 5 minutes a shift or we’ll have the humane society breathing down our necks!” “Are you using the authorized amount of cheeseramphetamines?”

A well deserved rest for a little speeder:

Jun 22, 2011, 20:05


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