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Osama Bin Laden dead?
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Re: Osama Bin Laden dead?

Bytor Peltor wrote:
hito wrote:
Is it justice? How is killing someone else justice? Does it make the world better?

YES - the world is better because he is dead......and dead is dead!

Yes, dead is dead...indeed...dead is..hmmm

I suppose to explain further, I doubt his death will change anything. I think terrorists will still exist and the west has shown that we think killing is a way to solve problems. The world is not better for that. The cycle of violence will continue.

Did the death of Khomeni or Arafat bring peace and reason? No. Did the end of Bush's presidency end the war in Afghanistan? No.

One death is nothing but a bag of bones in the ocean. 1000 deaths is a stack of bones on some dirt. 1 million deaths is a bigger stack.

May 02, 2011, 14:45


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