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Osama Bin Laden dead?
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Squirrel M. Nutter
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Re: Osama Bin Laden dead?

k. wrote:
Labhead wrote:
Icepulse wrote:
Well, we see US people celebrating in the streets, and it calls to mind images of news footage of Middle Eastern Islamic communities dancing and celebrating the fall of the WTC on 09/11/2011...

But I don't see too many news clips of US citizens dancing a jig when word gets out that a village of 4,000 innocent Muslims end up under the rubble of Allied air-strikes.

It's not our style, as a nation, to celebrate the death of innocents. The US people only celebrate the fall of a scoundrel; never the fall of bystanders. We celebrated the fall of our own scoundrel, GW Bush through the use of our electoral process. People in the US put a liberal administration in the White House as a way of standing up against an unnecessary war like the one in Iraq. The US people have their hearts in the right place, there. Take care of the sick, restore an international atmosphere of good will and stop giving free rides to careless, mega-rich corporations on the backs of the dwindling middle-class. It's a right-wing opposition in our own back yard that's trying to throw spikes in our path....

Here, here! Agreed! I'm waiting for the idiots to ask for the long-form death certificate. ;)

There's nothing idiotic about demanding evidence when trillions have spent on this quest.

May 02, 2011, 15:46


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