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Osama Bin Laden dead?
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Re: Osama Bin Laden dead?

Icepulse wrote:
hito wrote:
Icepulse wrote:
hito wrote:
...the west has shown that we think killing is a way to solve problems.

Yes... the west.

hito wrote:
One death is nothing but a bag of bones in the ocean. 1000 deaths is a stack of bones on some dirt. 1 million deaths is a bigger stack.

That sounds so positively existentialist, I have to wonder which of your remarks reflects your perspective!

a) Yes, the west. Read the earlier post in full to get the explanation.
b)Yes. Why wouldn't they be my perspective?

Perhaps you could come up with a thesis rather than simply playing the man.

I read your post, hito. I simply don't feel that it explains anything. My earlier post posits the perspective taken by intelligent Americans, with regard to the thing being "celebrated". It's more than the death of one cad; it's the destruction of an idea that is toxic to civilized society.

hito wrote:
One death is nothing but a bag of bones in the ocean. 1000 deaths is a stack of bones on some dirt. 1 million deaths is a bigger stack.
implies that you are either being facetious, or that you understand the insignificance of the speck that is our generation, in the scheme of time. But which? If the former, then it is your thesis that seems pointless. If the latter, then you contradict yourself.

Regardless, it strikes me as disingenuous when someone cries foul at the extermination of a creature who does nothing with his time on earth, but to devise horrible ways of exterminating other people, en masse, with indiscriminate ease. I'm a hardcore liberal, but I look at people who are expressing exultation over this issue, and at least it feels genuine. When I read comments that express disgust, I have a terrible feeling that I'm staring into the face of nonchalant hypocrisy; that you really don't give a tinker's shit about this person, and that you're just looking for some excuse to devalue the feelings of the common man.

At least they feel something.

I'm not singling anyone out. But the notion of human life being SO valuable that even the most deplorable of villains deserve to go right on living.... Well, that strikes me as fairly fundamentalist. I seriously doubt that even the greatest history's thinkers would support the view.

Well this is better. I don't necessariy agree but it is generally something I can appreciate.

I disagree that it is the death of an idea. Sadly, he is just one man and there are many more - including his right hand man - who are ready to take up the slack. According to some analysts that I saw on the tele, he has not been a driving force for some time.

No, I was not being existentialist (much) or facetious when talking about the bones. My point was that killling even 1 million people does not solve the problems. It generally means that people are dead and their families and friends are angry. If the idea doesn't die then nothing is achieved by killing.

Finally, I am not crying foul because Laden is dead and taken from us. I am crying foul at the bloodlust. I am disappointed that we in the west aren't looking for a solution that is creative and forward thinking. I wish we would look for the cause rather than the symptoms. I wish we would act consistently with our own principles.

I don't discount the common man's feelings. I am sure they are "genuine". I just wish they did not feel that way. It is just my opinion and obviously millions or even billions disagree with me.

There is nothing hypocritical, disingenuous, hypocritical, nonchalant and I am not looking for excuses. I just disagree with you. Don't feel the need to second guess me, I have no reason to hide my true feelings from you.

May 02, 2011, 23:58


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