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Osama Bin Laden dead?
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Re: Osama Bin Laden dead?

Bytor Peltor wrote:
hito wrote:
I suppose to explain further, I doubt his death will change anything. I think terrorists will still exist and the west has shown that we think killing is a way to solve problems. The world is not better for that. The cycle of violence will continue.

Did the death of Khomeni or Arafat bring peace and reason? No. Did the end of Bush's presidency end the war in Afghanistan? No.

One death is nothing but a bag of bones in the ocean. 1000 deaths is a stack of bones on some dirt. 1 million deaths is a bigger stack.

SO - what is the rest of the world to do when it comes upon the absolute embodiment of evil in a man, nation or movement?

Do we really understand evil? NO - not someone who breaks into your home or a man who kills his wife because he finds her with another man. I believe a serial killers are close, but it's still nothing like an islamofascist who sends children to commit suicide by blowing up women and children. This is true evil and OBL was very much the root of this type of evil at one time. He may have somewhat slowed and became less involved in his older age, but I believe he was still a motivating factor for many others who look to harm innocent people.

There is only one death that ever brought peace, and we celebrated that a week ago.

You make some good points but I say in answer to your opening question, "be careful".

At present, the US is the world power but it won't last. If they and the west don't establish high standards for dealing with opponents then they will have less than a leg to stand on when China becomes the world power and decides to kill international dissidents like it kills its domestic dissidents now.

If we want to establish a genuine world order to pass on peacefully to developing countries as they rise to match or surpass us, then we cannot condone the killing of anyone, especially without trial. If we destroy even the worst of people summarily, then it will continue in systems we have no control over.

Just imagine who China, Israel, India, Russia, Zimbabwe and others think is public enemy number 1 and ask yourself whether you want them acting on their beliefs like we have with bin Laden.

Ask yourself whether you want GW Bush shot in the head by an Iraqi or Afghan hit squad (seriously, lefties, would you like that to happen?). Ask if you want the Dalai Llama killed by the Chinese government. Ask if you like the idea of the KGB or Mossad coming to your country to perform a hit. Ask if you want Morgan Tsvangirai shot dead in Botswana by Mugabe's goons.

Assuming you don't want those things happening, think long and hard about this assassination of bin Laden. If you do think those potential assassinations are okay, I disagree with you so fundamentally that I woud ask you not to bother replying.

May 05, 2011, 05:40


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