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Osama Bin Laden dead?
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Re: Teens don't know who he is (Yahoo)

Icepulse wrote:
corporalclegg wrote:
It was the same fucking thing minus the "LIKE" sign and getting it instantly. You actually had to get off your ass and go to the library to research something or go out and get the paper if you were interested.

Tapping a few keys is the "same thing" as dragging your ass to the library, every time you wanted information on a current event? The library; under-funded, under-staffed and only as current as the latest periodical? Oh, yeah... get "the paper" a single source that, vs. the web, is always about 10 layers behind "breaking" news.

Your theory is leaking.

Actually, I disagree a little icepulse. It's true that reading a single source newspaper is not going to get you a really balanced view. But libraries have more than one. But in any case, I don't remember reading newspapers much when I was a teenager, not until I was a young adult. Teens then and now have limited interest as a whole and probably get most of their info from school.

But there are huge problems with everyone not just teens getting their news on the internet. First, I think most people probably only read a few stories that pop up as headlines or get spread around via twitter or something. If you read the paper, you tend to look through and read a wider range of subjects. And local news really gets left behind if you just read headlines on a website. Most 20 somethings I've talked to about this don't read any local news. Doesn't make for very good local citizens, in cities anyway. One of my roommates is completely uninformed about what's going on locally.

Jun 30, 2011, 17:43


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