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Who Will America Pick On Next???
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Who Will America Pick On Next???

I think it is positively terrifying that America have killed their number one scapegoat, it means that they must already have a new "threat to democracy" that they will use to distract and divert attention from their own evil purpose, to dominate and control every nation that doesn't want to live in submission to the violent bullying tactics of the false democracy they push. The "war on terror" was started by America and will be continued by them until every one bows to their superior strength and insatiable greed. I'm English and I hate the way Britain follows America like an obedient dog with no mind of it's own.
I am not talking about the citizens of these nations that we live in, most folks are innocent victims of the media and end up agreeing with what they are told through the various governing methods of control, my heart goes out to these everyday folk of all nations because I am an everyday person myself and I hate the way in which folk are deceived into thinking that their country is on a quest for righteousness in the world. It boils down to greed and fear and we are all guilty of these things to some degree, if we begin to admit it maybe things might slowly turn around.
When did you ever here a politician admit to being completely wrong about a decision they made?? they never do and aren't likely too either, we need to think for ourselves and stop swallowing their crappy propaganda.
So Mr. Bin Laden has been killed, it will change nothing.
I don't believe he had anything to do with the towers being destroyed, all the evidence that I have looked at and read about seems to strongly indicate that the CIA planned and executed it so that America would have a reason to launch their "war on terror" I don't know this for a fact of course but I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.
Let's look beyond the surface of what is presented to us and question it, this is a good rule of thumb for all media and government channels.
Kind regards to everyone, Joe.

May 03, 2011, 01:49


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