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food you dont eat is always the best food
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Re: food you dont eat is always the best food

hito wrote:
xperceptor wrote:
His principles are backed by basic science regarding how the human body processes carbohydrates. Whereas the body burns calories very quickly/easily without leaving anything extra to result in weight gain, carbs first have to be broken down into calories before the body can start to burn them up.

Ahh, those pesky body processes. I cannot believe that the body has to do any work on foods prior to you expelling them from your body. Chewing, bah. Saliva, yawn. Enzymes, lol. Just drink mashed up urine and faeces and be done with all this digesting crap.

If only what you are saying exemplified a true perpetual system such as the universe itself. That is, the ending and beginning is the same. It doesn't even qualify for the chicken / egg theory. Eventually with the eating and releasing of fecal matter the body would eventually burn the substance up untill the releasing function would terminate.

May 05, 2011, 03:14


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