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This is getting old.
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Re: This is getting old.

s_lush_s wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
Icepulse wrote:
I joined the forum to talk about Stereolab, music and art in general. Bin Laden get popped, and it's big news, I understand. But now, these topics are dominating the board, to the point where a Stereolab topic I posted gets pushed to the second page, in favor of more idiotic political grand-standing (most of which shows a disconcerting lack of intelligence, I might add).

I'll check back in 6 months.


So sorry we didn't live up to your standards. Kind of like humanity as a whole isn't it? If you haven't noticed, Stereolab did get pretty philosophical and even political, be it in sometimes a vague symbolic way. It seems very obvious that people who like their music might be interested in politics.

Like some of the more obnoxious responses on here, you've probably noticed we have some bullies and some trolls. But when you get to know their personalities you can just skim over them and not get sucked in.

Oh wait, I just got sucked into a thread started by someone complaining that their thread is on the second page, and criticizing others on here for a "lack of intelligence". Ok, I'm guilty of getting baited at times too.

get a life


May 05, 2011, 19:02


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