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This is getting old.
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Re: This is getting old.

Squirrel M. Nutter wrote:
Icepulse wrote:
hito wrote:
People here get pretty precious if you make any suggestions about what you want the forum to be. And they gang up in a pack mentality. It is of course too late to tell you not to get into a slanging match.

I mostly agree with cyberpainter here in that the band was quite political so people talk politics at times. And I also agree that you have to self filter.

In the end, you are entitled to say what you want out of the forum. What you want will come and go. Don't leave just because it is political at the moment and don't leave because people abuse you. You might find that three or four of them are the same person so there may not be the wave of condemnation that you perceive.


Leave if you want to leave.
Stay if you want to stay.
I don't really care, but the only thing worse than you being a hypocrite is you acting like raquel welch and having a tantrum like a diva, that won't do you any good around here.


Just STFU, because it's hammers like you that blow the whole thing up in the 1st place. All I said to begin with was that, what first appeared to be a pretty focused forum began to deteriorate w/ half-baked political brain-farts, and that it was a joke to see that BS trump other, more on-point topics.

It's fanatics like you who can't wait to start a dust-up by insulting people directly, and then don't know when to walk away.

I'll stay if like, on not. I don't need your permission to do either, and I can bite back ALL DAY LONG if you want to keep blowing. Make no mistake, though... You started this shit.

May 05, 2011, 19:58


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