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This is getting old.
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Re: This is getting old.

velvetwater wrote:
Beauty. Yes, I agree. But probably "the eccentrics" will not be with you on what you consider beautiful or they will start moaning about the concept. One of the phrases I read more often on this forum is "to each their on".
I personally believe that beauty is objective in most cases. Or, at least, an unusual but calculated combination of factors or caracteristics normally not associated with beauty has to occur to achieve it.
Taste can vary, but to me, for example, who considers SEX PISTOLS musically beautiful (let's forget for the sake of this example the historical importance that band might have) and STEREOLAB not beautiful has not got a clue about art.
Don't get me wrong, I don't but you can still like SEX PISTOLS; just don't say they are beautiful!
Like in sex: one can have a fetish for something normally classified as weird and disgusting, but should be aware of the pecularity of his/her taste.

Going back to the waste of space that stupid threads cause, it's like when I search something on youtube and I have to go through pages and pages of junk in order to find what I need: I can filter as much as you like, particularly with a bit of experience, but it still makes me loose time. And it is all due to the people who don't post video in a correct or relevant way.

Hold on. I have to rent a dementia-stricken toucan to act as translator.

Just kiddin'!!

May 07, 2011, 20:28


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