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Icepulse wrote:

But everything is dated, from Genesis to the Ramones to Stereolab.

Genesis was a lot more flavorful than Yes, though IMHO, because Gabriel was a lot less about New-age mystical shit, and a lot more conscious of his society. A lot like Stereolab, actually. Hence "Selling England By The Pound".

I would recommend that record to anyone who otherwise finds prog to be absurd. That, and KC's "Larks Tongues In Aspic".

I find most prog to be stilted and noodling, but like most sub-genres, there's always a few rubies in the lard.

Look at Gabriel. He always was on the bleeding edge of music, unlike Jon Anderson, who still flounces around in a poet's shirt and sings about trees.

This is going waaaay deeper than I really want to go with this :

Rather like a smack-head who kicks the habit... I kicked years of prog-listening and consigned it to my personal dustbin where it belongs. Genesis, Yes, Gentle Giant, Rush, ELP, Floyd.. of its time some serious talent here. Listening back though is like looking at hugely embarassing photo's of one's younger self... did I really wear that shirt ? did I really have a mullet ? Remember intensly hating the 'crossover' Abacab album when it came out. I wanted acoustic guitars, flutes, mowers and garden gates not horns and 4-minute pop songs. Before they went too "pop" this is the only Genesis album that gets played in my house. I have the re-master and some it sounds fantastic. One moves on and discover's looser, funkier, more interesting music's and hell, you might even see one or two female's in the audience.

Oh yeah ... there were never any revolving drum-riser's, flowing capes, lasers, flying-daggers, dry-ice or turkish carpets for the bass player to stand on in the Court of the Crimson King. KC WERE NEVER PROG !

I've spent all day dissing them. Just listened to this and it still tingles. Just don't ask me to sit through the whole of Supper's Ready !

May 17, 2011, 20:59


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