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Stereolab at the height of their fame?
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Re: Stereolab at the height of their fame?

If comparing AF to SL on the creativity scale then it is not apples and oranges. Itís more like Tangerines(SL) and those fruits from a Fichus tree that smell like feces(AF). If comparing these two artists on the fame scale then please consider that those who follow the Grammy circuit listen to music, but donít really listen to the music. It is about a hook of lyrics or a beat to dance to or a cool band name ď(Iím so cool), I like Arcade FireĒ ďoh you do, me too!Ē They like Black Mirror, but do not care why they like Black Mirror.

I do understand that the intent of this tread was to not to compare SL and AF directly as equals, but to beg the question: How in hades did AF get a Grammy when there are so many more deserving artists out there?

ETK was something new and different. Not only for Stereolab, but for the music scene in general. Alternative judges, such as Pitchfork for example, recognized and relished in spreading the good news. The Grammy circuit must not have gotten the news or in any case are so caught up in the mainstream that they cannot see the alternate routes. Stay the course, donít make waves, donít take a stand, donít take a chance on l o o s i n g f u n d i n g .

May 19, 2011, 14:17


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