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Stereolab at the height of their fame?
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Re: Cobra-Soundust

s_lush_s wrote:
MY RETURN wrote:
s_lush_s wrote:
78 sluss wrote:
that is so uncool. i unfortunately discoverd 'lab around cobra time. but i discoverd stereolab 3 for 1, in a shop in london arounbd that time, which had trasient, MAQ and ETK. and that was when i fell inlove with 'lab and their earlier stuff. :P

That is when I found them.

That's because you're the same person.

Oh yeah? I'm the same person as nsc283b or whomever? What?

You often posts at the same time, back-to-back. You also have the same outthere typing style. lol

May 21, 2011, 21:06


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