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Stereolab at the height of their fame?
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Re: Stereolab at the height of their fame?

nsc283b wrote:
I have always thought ETK a very important album. Not because I particularly like it (it's one of my least favourite Lab albums), but I do think ETK was the album where the band significantly changed direction. Not including the Switched On albums, the previous studio album had been MAQ. ETK and MAQ are very different styles (to my ears). ETK was somewhat commercially accessable, whereas MAQ was not. I know which I much prefer.

I think the height of Stereolab very much matches my period of enjoying them the most. They gained the most attention when they were at their best.

I disagree that MAQ was markedly different from ETK. I think MAQ changed Stereolab from an also ran in the noisy band sweepstakes and gave their sound a sophistication that set them apart from the herd right up until after the release of Sound Dust. The five albums released in this period, as well as the Aluminium Tunes compilation and Oscillons 3 disc set represents a band that is among the best of all time.

It is a mistake to look for an album that represents their peak as they never really peaked as such. The period from 1994 to 2001 was their "plateau" and they were brilliant.

May 23, 2011, 13:47


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