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Stereolab at the height of their fame?
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Re: Stereolab at the height of their fame? wrote:
I think alternative music and music is at a stale state. Everything seems to be a rendetion of something before it. Everyone is so enamored w/ technology these days and the latest pop stars and icons it seems there is little attention to bands that actually display serious musicianship. There's some really catch pop songs out there, but everything in the area of true musicians is not really capturing any main-stream attention.

The most interesting music to me these days is coming out of the California instrumental hip-hop, mixology, whatever you want to call it scene. People like Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killa, Dadelus Madlib and my new favorite Tokimonsta.

There's a lot of that kind of Fleet Foxes folk going on, but that fails to excite me.

I don't know, we all expect novelty to go on and on forever but maybe pop music just ran out of steam for good. And I don't think anything new or interesting will ever catch on with the lumpen mass again, people have been completely brainwashed.

May 23, 2011, 19:26


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