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Stereolab at the height of their fame?
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Re: Stereolab at the height of their fame?

nsc283b wrote:
By calling them an 'also ran' you imply that other bands were doing the same, only better. Can you please tell me all the bands that you think made an album comparable to Transient, but better?

Well, much of Transient is okay but pretty simple compared to the stuff that followed. I have said it before but I think the serious addition of Mary (not just background) was important. Also brass and more instruments helped. I assume Laetitia started to have more input but I could be wrong. And they made progress with people like John McIntyre.

There were a lot of noisy bands in the early nineties (Radial Spangle, Fluid and many more whose names I have forgotten) that were okay but never lept out at me. The better bands (Sonic Youth, Mercury Rev, Swervedriver, Cows etc) were doing something more. It took the things I mentioned above for Stereolab to break the mold and become something unique.

May 25, 2011, 06:14


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