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Coffee ?
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Re: Coffee ?

I'm sorry if I offend our Dutch friend, but all my coffee experiences in the Netherlands and Belgium with coffee have been quite sub-par. I consider myself somewhat of a coffee nerd, and I personally despise the one shot, automatic makers. They make a coffee drink that is acceptable, but nowhere near good, or excellent. I will say that the cups they serve the espresso in are totally killer, and I love getting a small biscuit/chocolate with my coffee drink.

The only way I drink my filtered coffee (Chemex, French Press, etc) is black. Can't imagine ruining the flavors of a good coffee with milk and sugar and all that nonsense. I will, of course drink a Macchiato or Cappucino with milk. I rarely ever drink Latte's because I figure one should just get a steamed milk if you want that little coffee in your cup.

Do I sound pretentious enough yet?

May 20, 2011, 20:44


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