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what the hell does your screen name mean anyway?
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Re: what the hell does your screen name mean anyway?

jauntymonty wrote:
wracket wrote:
When I was first dating my best girl ("Mrs. Wracket"), her kid brother wrote her an e-mail about receiving a new piece of sporting equipment which he mistakenly spelled "wracket".

Sorry, I had associated that with wracketeering.

Well yes, there's of course the triple meaning of "racket"*, all of which hold some appeal for me (for various, unrelated reasons) in the context of an online persona. But the origin is just my brother-in-law's typo/misspelling!

*technically there's a fourth meaning--though generally spelled "rackett"--which is an obscure baroque woodwind instrument (and thus perhaps best suited for a music forum), though I must admit that I didn't know about that one until after I had adopted the moniker

May 24, 2011, 17:13


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