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new battles
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78 sluss
78 sluss
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new battles

picked it up in hmv, and just listened to it.
it sounds like aural candy, like the cover of the album would have you believe.
sorry, hope i didn't ruin the ending.

one track features gary numan, one features woman from blonde redhead.

quite a good listen. MAY give it another. tho a once listen imprints on the memory.

Jun 07, 2011, 19:33


victim of band
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Re: new battles

I hear it's better not be like oil in their water
(so to speak).

And, that this site is a narcotics area under investigation

Are you working 'with' Stereolab in this investigation?
Are we all gonna be 'busted'?

"Let's bust 'em all'! Ha!Ha!Ha! we'll take all their possessions, their boats, their cars, any cash they have"-
"We've gotta tool- ya hear!? We got tools these days"!!
"We're gonna get ya Morgan! Ya hear!? Morgan!

"We're in a war in which we're the only combatants!"
"Those stupid everyday, ordinary citizens wouldn't even think of making waves in their communities- BUT WE WILL"!

Clear your things and make tracks people!
This groop (and this site) ain't worth it!
remember, you're cars have tracking devices under the dash which can easily be unplugged.(or, buy a pre 1987 car)

Change your name, find a more tolerant country (if need be)
Escape the watchers- and take back control of your destiny!

Jun 07, 2011, 20:07