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The Green Screen Stereolab forum is moderated.
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Re: The Green Screen Stereolab forum is moderated.

_Rael_ wrote:
GaryB2 wrote:
It makes sense to head over there 'en masse'. There are lots of familiar characters and a few others who no longer post on the "ofish" forum.

I'd recommend we try it out.

See y'all later


Do all the whiney little bitches post there? I'm talking about the losers who ruined this forum, like sHito and MY RETARD and J Ass and icepus and velvet twatter? Because if they do it's not worth going!!

It's been an EPIC FAIL.

Its too quiet. Too cliquey. Nobody responded to anyone's posts. People would rather post here than be ignored over there.

Icepus. Was that a typo?

Jun 10, 2011, 06:04


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