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The Green Screen Stereolab forum is moderated.
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Re: The Green Screen Stereolab forum is moderated.

cyberpainter wrote:
GaryB2 wrote:

It's been an EPIC FAIL.

Its too quiet. Too cliquey. Nobody responded to anyone's posts. People would rather post here than be ignored over there.

Really? So you expected everyone to jump in and post like mad right away? Usually people read for a while on a new forum before they jump right in and start posting, so I think your description as an epic fail after one day of increased interest from the pink place is ridiculous. Too cliquey? You've posted over there for many months, are you part of this supposed clique? We appreciate new people joining and participating. Your description seems like you're discouraging usage over there, after encouraging it.

I must say it's the cliquey thing that has stopped me trying to join so far. Perhaps it would help if you explained to the uninitiated what the two sub-boards are, who is allowed into them and why they are necessary...

Jun 10, 2011, 12:01


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