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The Green Screen Stereolab forum is moderated.
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Re: The Green Screen Stereolab forum is moderated.

GaryB2 wrote:
CP would be well placed to answer your question regarding the formation of the Green Screen.

Like a phoenix, I think it grew out of the ashes of nuclear holocaust on a previous version of this board.

Hi Gary - thanks for that.

Yes I do know about the reason for the setting up of the Green Screen in the first place and I have to say I am all for it in general. It's just that I would not join it until I know the true nature of those sub-boards (the members of the 'Underground'). It smacks of the same kind of elitism which spurned dark cabals like Freemasonry and I have never wanted to be any part of that sort of thing.

Any forum will be a reflection of the society of the members of it of course - and human societal trends in general, but yeah there's enough to deal with in the real world without getting into the petty politics of an online playground too.

For all it's problems I still prefer the 'Ofish' at least here it's WISYG - any cabals or cliques are necessarily away from the board and as such, much better for the freedom of this place. I may not agree with what you say - but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it.

So once again, perhaps for CP or anyone else who 'knows'...

Perhaps it would help if you explained to the uninitiated what the two sub-boards are, who is allowed into them and why they are necessary...

Jun 10, 2011, 14:06


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