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Re: Some thoughts...

Harold Bissonette wrote:
Speaking with my web designer hat on, I think the pink screen is simply better in terms of user friendliness/navigation. The green screen is a bit more technically advanced and has some nice fancy features, but the pink screen is much more instinctive and easy to use and navigate - and to create and reply to posts. There is that problem with old (and often very good) posts disappearing off the first page and getting forgotten.

Also speaking with my web designer hat on, moderation on forums such as this is pretty much a legal requirement as well as something that would keep the whole thing friendlier and, er, tidier. Anything that gets posted on a forum in legal terms (as I understand it anyway) is legally 'published' by the site owners - the same as if a letter is published in a newspaper. If anything libellous, obscene or defamatory is posted on a forum then, legally speaking, both the writer of the comment and the site owners are held responsible.

I set up a web site for a disabled charity a few years ago and a forum was discussed, but decided against, as no-one could keep a permanent eye on things and we felt that sooner or later things were likely to get unpleasant.

Hi Harold,

I am in the same area of business although not specifically in web design. I have a massive contract at the moment to build a huge website - any chance I could pick your brains at times - or even work together on some things?. I really like what I have seen of your flash movies...

Jun 10, 2011, 14:09


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