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Re: Some thoughts...

Harold Bissonette wrote:
Dara wrote:

Hi Harold,

I am in the same area of business although not specifically in web design. I have a massive contract at the moment to build a huge website - any chance I could pick your brains at times - or even work together on some things?. I really like what I have seen of your flash movies...

Yo Dara,
I'll be only too pleased to help - if I can. My skills are a bit limited - and several years out of date. I have hardly any JavaScript, PHP, SQL etc, but do the usual basic HTML with some ActionScript/Flash and I also like to work with Photoshop.

My email is at the bottom right here:
or you could post any problems you have here. I know one or two of the others have certain skills - I think Thomas is pretty hot on coding...You there Thomas?

Great thanks! I'll have a good look at what it all entails next week and get back to you.

Jun 10, 2011, 15:51


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